Pop Meets the Void

My brother William’s film Pop Meets the Void premiered in New York City last night. I was proud to be there to attend the premiere and spend the night celebrating his accomplishment. The film was partially financed by a KickStarter campaign last year, and was co-produced by his awesome partner in Tarafawn Marek.

The plot follows a musician, Walter, who is spread across multiple realities that track his success, or lack thereof, in the realm of music and personal life. While the film is lush with visual effects supported by a gorgeous soundtrack of original music, at its heart it sings a song of science fiction.

Brothers on their way to the show, riding the subway across the Queensboro bridge:


These two characters wandered between the guests before the movie. They were wonderfully macabre:



My brother with a member of the crew:


I’m looking forward to the next film…