Wisdom of the Sages Podcast

If you’re a student or teacher of yoga, and you’re serious about deepening your knowledge of the source texts behind the practice, you need to check this out.

I met these two amazing humans last summer at Raghunath’s farm in Chatham, NY at a Bhakti retreat. They are both wonderful teachers and the weekend was joy made real. The experience was truly moving – kirtan, satsang, asana – and afterwards I joined the Zoom group of students tuning in at 5am to the daily reading of the Srimad Bhagavatam that wsa already underway at that time.

For 2020, Raghunath and Kaustubha have created a podcast with the daily reading and have restarted at the beginning of the Bhagavatam. Jump into this beautiful journey – the conversation is rich and it will deepen your understanding of yoga, so succinctly defined by Kaustubha Das as “a practice which empowers one to overcome the obstacle of the mind, for the purpose of the self experiencing it’s own true nature.”

Wishing you a mindful 2020.