Hi, my name is Rick Cusick, and this is my website.

I’m a singer songwriter based in Vermont.  For a while I was based in Brooklyn, NY.  From 2003 to 2006 I played weekly in Manhattan.  On Tuesdays (and occasionally Thursdays), you could find me at the 12:31 Bar on E. 31st St.  I landed that gig by performing an audition in the lobby of the Hotel that the bar was attached to, and playing a Tracy Chapman song as well as some originals. After a little more than a year at that club, my friends found me a better one a few blocks away, a small restaurant called Il Sogno on 33rd.  I played there every Wednesday night until I moved to Vermont in late 2006.

Before that I lived in San Francisco and played with some great friends in a soul/funk band called Simple Charlie, and before that it was a jam band called El Kabong in Philly.

I try to write songs that tell stories, sometimes true personal and sometimes allegorical.  Right now I’m trying to finish collecting 10 songs for a new album.  Do people still make albums?

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