Trick Album Cover

“Trick” was my 2nd recording effort, and it was recorded over several weeks in 2001, finishing up just before the New Year.  All the recording was done in the 2 houses that I lived in, ]with friends who I worked with at LiveTech during that time.  After “Tunes From the Pomegranate”, which was recorded on a Tascam 4-track tape recorder and directly to a Sony MiniDisc, this was my first attempt at using software to record and track my own work.

The cover art is a washed out red filter of a black and white photo of me taken while performing with Simple Charlie at the Red Devil Lounge in San Francisco in 1998.  The picture was taken by Marlee’s amazing photog friend Debra McClinton.  She came to a Simple Charlie show and snapped a roll of amazing pics, of which this one stood out to me.  It went through various iterations, being scanned and filtered repeatedly, until it became this cover.  I treasure this picture, because we lost Deb a few years ago.  She is the inspiration for a newer song, “Pictures”.

You can download the tracks from Trick from

1. Everybody
2. Therapy
3. Starshine
4. Pretending
5. Looking For a Ride
6. Wait For Me
7. Jamaican Blues
8. 29
9. Old Words
10. Sense

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