This past weekend, we had a bonfire here at the community.  There was a lot of scrap wood that was too small to do much with other than burn, so burn it we did.  We brought out the guitar and the conga drums and instruments for the kids, and stood, danced, and sang into the night.

It was a nice crisp evening, and if I can get some of the pictures that people took, I’ll post them here. Set list included gems like Country Roads, Anna Begins, Dock of the Bay, We Can Work It Out, and a number of childrens’ songs, including a rousing rendition of Old McDonald Had a Farm, with each of the CVC kids contributing a verse/animal.

It’s supposed to get down to 40 degrees tonight.  Woohoo!

Summer vacation

So I’m spending the week on vacation in Vermont.  I always figured living in Vermont would have some serious perks – and living somewhere like Charlotte is definitely one of them.

Our friends Hector and Britt visited us this past weekend.  They’re on their way to Washington, D.C. to check out the sites before heading back to Hector’s homeland of South Africa.

This morning was a nice visit to Shelburne Museum, apparently the number 1 tourist attraction in Vermont.  We rode the carousel with Nina, she didn’t like the horses going up and down so much, but she liked sitting in the little carriage bench seats.

The biking around our place in unreal – I’ll take some pics and post them in a bit.  Now – back to the relaxing…

Saturn’s Icy Cap

This is pretty neat – Saturn’s North Pole. In the middle of a long winter (like, uh years of it), we have no idea what this is. My completely uninformed guess? Some kind of giant lock/key structure, that if properly opened, will crack Saturn in half, and reveal it to be the giant egg of some galactic monster.

Yep – definitely.