Walking On

It amazes me to see how quickly Nina’s learned to walk in winter boots.  A few days back we walked around the ring road, and she kept up in her Kamik boots, which are heavier and clunkier than her usual footwear.

When I think that 6 weeks ago she wasn’t even walking, it’s pretty cool.

For the love of it

Today I shoveled 3 feet of snow off of my roof.  Bush Holstein, the foreman on our construction team, recommended it, as the porch could seriously have problems if left under that much weight.

Marlee wanted to hire someone to come clear it for us.

At first I had no good reason why I disagreed. And then, after walking across the property to collect the mail and our recycling bin, I realized why I wasn’t happy with that.

This is our property. It’s our responsibility to deal with what comes up.  So I got on the roof in the fading light of day, and shoveled off what seemed like a ton of snow.  When I thought I had enough off to deal, I jumped off into a huge pile of snow.


The town where I live

On Sunday I was setting up a sign at the intersection of Route 7 and F-5 (Ferry Road) announcing the hours for our open house here at CVC, and I was hailed by a woman in a car pulling up to the light.  She had seen my picture in the Charlotte Citizen from the open mic last weekend, and asked me if I was the guy who moved from Brooklyn.  Yeah, I know I said I wasn’t going to play live for a while…but what can I do?
So I grabbed a few copies of the Charlotte Citizen for posterity, and scanned the picture in for you to enjoy. It’s below. I really liked being recognized on the street by one of my neighbors, and having the family in the local paper is a pretty unique experience.

I forgot a lot of things living in NYC.  I think I’m starting to remember some of them…