Andy McKee and Antoine Dufour

I’m currently deep into listening to two acoustic guitarists that i found via YouTube, when directed by my pal Tim Muzzin to check out Antoine’s track, Development .

Andy McKee then caught my ear, and I found his track, Rylynn.

Both of these artists are amazing players, in their own right, and what I enjoy about them is that they have a similar mode of playing but very distinct styles of play.

I bought both of their most recent albums and in the past 2 weeks have listened to little else. The sheer enjoyment of their music has been inspiring in my own playing, which I admit has suffered since I moved to Vermont.  There’s an open mic here in a couple weeks, down the road in Charlotte.  I’m thinking of playing (and being nudged by some folks here at CVC), and so I’ll have to see how that develops out.

Anywya, check out these two artists.  I might actually buy a CD if I can find one in a store, but I know that Andy tours a bit, albeit not to Burlington yet, and Antoine plays quite a bit across the border in Quebec.  Hopefully I’ll get to catch them live soon.


This week, and I’m sure next, promise to be some of the most stressful in at least a month.


I thought getting a mortgage was stressful, and it was, but lots of people do it; most people, probably at least once in their lives. I know being in the NICU with Nina was stressful, and unforgetable, and sadly, many parents go through that as well.

But the next 10 or 12 days are sure to be some of the busiest and most hectic of my professional life. There’s a very big car conference next weekend in Vegas, and stuff I’ve worked on is going to be unveiled there. There’s a considerable amount of pressure involved, as the stakes are pretty high. A lot of tears and treasure has been risked to make this show a success, and I think we’re in good shape.

But there’s still work to do, and the closer we get the less time there is for mistakes.

New Year, New House

So we did it, we’re in our new home. Nina’s turned one, and she’s walking around the house!

Reminder to buy some rugs, as she’s about as good walking as I am at ice skating, and the effect on any viewer is about the same.  It’s remarkable to watch the mind of a child grow, there’s really nothing like it.  From what Marlee tells me, via the book she’s reading, Nina’s mind is also rewiring OUR minds, as we unlearn and relearn things through her experiences.

A wise friend told me that raising children is the most important work that a person can do in their life.  The experiences and learnings that a person takes from it, and the amount of conscious labor that one can spend in the daily rituals of waking up to an alarm clock you cannot turn off, changing diapers, witnessing milestones, and seeing the reaction to each new food as it’s tried for the first time…all of this is food for growing a soul.

As Nina grows I can tell the differences in both Marlee and I, as we strive to provide a child-centered home, and put off our own desires to make sure Nina’s are catered for. And in so doing, we grow closer together, more confident of our love for each other, and the life that we’re building.