New Year, New House

So we did it, we’re in our new home. Nina’s turned one, and she’s walking around the house!

Reminder to buy some rugs, as she’s about as good walking as I am at ice skating, and the effect on any viewer is about the same.  It’s remarkable to watch the mind of a child grow, there’s really nothing like it.  From what Marlee tells me, via the book she’s reading, Nina’s mind is also rewiring OUR minds, as we unlearn and relearn things through her experiences.

A wise friend told me that raising children is the most important work that a person can do in their life.  The experiences and learnings that a person takes from it, and the amount of conscious labor that one can spend in the daily rituals of waking up to an alarm clock you cannot turn off, changing diapers, witnessing milestones, and seeing the reaction to each new food as it’s tried for the first time…all of this is food for growing a soul.

As Nina grows I can tell the differences in both Marlee and I, as we strive to provide a child-centered home, and put off our own desires to make sure Nina’s are catered for. And in so doing, we grow closer together, more confident of our love for each other, and the life that we’re building.

Beaver Pond

So we’re in Vermont. What a change from Brooklyn. I’m working on the change for the website and blog, if you’ve got any ideas for what I should change it to, please drop me an email. The Brooklyn Voice probably isn’t going to work anymore. 🙂

Today started with a nice walk around the property here at CVC, and the walk was punctuated with a nice fall into the pond in the woods thats near where some beavers have been felling trees. I thought I could walk across the stream on one of the trees lying from bank to bank, and was mistaken.

Welcome to Vermont, city mouse!