Wisdom of the Sages Podcast

If you’re a student or teacher of yoga, and you’re serious about deepening your knowledge of the source texts behind the practice, you need to check this out. I met these two amazing humans last summer at Raghunath’s farm in Chatham, NY at a Bhakti retreat. They are both wonderful teachers and the weekend was… Continue reading Wisdom of the Sages Podcast

Confident Reading

Our leadership team at Reading Plus has been engaged in deep work on our company over the past few months. Part of that work has been, for me, a rediscovery of our student product’s knock-on-effect in terms of motivation. Reading Plus assesses students when they start using the program. The assessment has multiple dimensions –… Continue reading Confident Reading

When your asana class is full…

Humbling way to start the year of teaching. Grateful for Hot Yoga Burlington and the chance to lead others in asana practice.

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